Hiking and Camping is Always Incomplete Without a Rucksack Bag

Hiking and Camping is Always Incomplete Without a Rucksack Bag

A rucksack bag is a type of bag that is specially designed for outdoor activities like hiking, camping, trekking, etc. As compared to the normal backpack, it is more durable and consists of more compartments and pockets to store all your gear and essentials. This backpack will make your trek or hike more comfortable and convenient.

Meaning of Rucksuck

The word rucksack comes from the German words “rucken” (back) and “sack” (bag). It is a bag with shoulder straps that allow it to be carried on someone’s back, typically made of strong, waterproof material and widely used by hikers.

Planning a trekking or hiking trip? Looking for the best-suited rucksack bag?

Various types of rucksack bags are available online under the sub-category of men’s rucksack bags, traveling rucksacks, waterproof rucksacks, and many more. As the online market is flooded with rucksack bags, therefore in order to make the right choice according to your needs and preferences,

The following Points Are To Be Considered While Buying A Rucksack Bag-


The size of your rucksack bag will depend upon the duration and nature of your trip. For example, a long and challenging trek will require you to carry more equipment, clothes, and essentials. Whereas, for a short trek or hike you will need a more compact rucksack in which you can carry your snacks and essentials. Do you know, you can choose the right size rucksack backpack by measuring your torso length?

Want to know How?

The first step is to measure your torso length. For this, you will need a friend and flexible measuring tape.

Hiking and Camping
  • Ask your friend to hold one end of the measuring tape at the bony bump at the base of your neck (C7 vertebra) and run it down your spine to the top of your hip bones (iliac crest).
  • Ask your friend to read the measurement on the tape. This is your torso length.

( Refer to the image above for more clarity )

You can now easily choose the right size of the bag of the same height as your measured torso length for a comfortable and restful trip.


As you know, diverse color options are available in the market. The right color selection depends upon personal preferences, purpose, and style.

  • Suppose you plan on adventurous trips like hiking, camping, or hunting. One must consider a color blending effortlessly with the environment, like brown, green, or grey. These colors camouflage and avoid the unwanted attention of wild animals.
  • If you are buying a rucksack bag for travel purposes, then you must consider a more versatile color that matches your outfit like black or navy blue.
  • These are just some of the factors that can influence your choice of color for your rucksack. Ultimately, the best color for your rucksack is the one that suits your taste and needs.

The material of the rucksack backpack should be durable and be able to withstand harsh conditions, without getting damaged. The most common materials used in making rucksack bags are polyester, nylon, canvas, etc. The material should be compatible with the unfavorable conditions of different terrains.


The features offered by the rucksack are the most important factor to be considered, as the more versatile features offered by the rucksack bag, the more comfort and convenience it will offer. Some of the features include back support, compression straps to minimize volume and redistribute load assignment, rain cover, hydration compatibility, compartments, and pockets to keep your stuff in a more organized way. Greenlands rucksacks are advanced with more premium features like a bungee cord to secure some extras, hood pocket to keep your essentials, floro high visibility rain and dust cover, and most importantly these bags have a top and front both access which enables us to take out the things placed at bottom of the bag easily without empty the whole bag.

Best Rucksack Brand

As per my experience, Greenlands ( an outdoor brand from the house of SG-Sanspareils Greenlands ) is the best rucksack brand in India. They manufacture versatile hiking backpacks by keeping in mind the needs and comfort of their customers. They are built to withstand rough conditions, and being lightweight these rucksack bags are more convenient to carry in rough terrain. These backpacks are undoubtedly packed with versatility and durability. The price ranges from Rs. 1700 to a maximum of Rs. 4200.

No more baggage hindrance in your ADVENTURES!

Best Rucksacks Under Rs.2000

  1. Greenlands Cria 45L Rucksack- This rucksack is my personal favorite, it offers a wide range of features, made with waterproof material. It protects your belongings from being tarnished in water. It consists of compression straps to provide extra comfort and reduce load. It is lightweight and tough-wear resistant, spacious with 45L capacity.
  1. Greenlands Cria 55L Rucksack- This unisex rucksack is made with polyester. It consists of an S-curved padded shoulder strap for a snug fit to enhance comfort. With many compartments and pockets, it provides easy organization and 55L capacity. Full EPE foam padded ventilated mesh fabric supported with an HDPE sheet at the back for ergonomic support that puts the least stress on the spine and minimal sweating over the extended hike. Available in red color.

Here Are Some of the Things Which You Can Pack in Your Rucksack While Going on a Trek or Hike:-

  • Clothes– Whether going on a trip or on an adventure, clothes are the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind. The rucksack backpacks are quite spacious and allow you to carry clothes easily.
  • Water Bottle– Staying hydrated is the most important factor while trekking or hiking. You should carry a minimum of 1L of water per person and refill it whenever you find a clean and safe water source. There is a separate pocket in rucksacks for water bottles.
  • Flashlight or Headlamp– It is a must-have if you plan to camp overnight or walk in the dark. Light source makes it easy for you to find your path in the dark or set up tents at night. Also, take some extra batteries and a power bank with you.
  • First-Aid Kit– Going on a trek or hike is no doubt adventurous but it also comes with a lot of risks and dangers, so it is always a wise decision to keep a medical kit with you which can include band-aids, antiseptic creams, pain reliever, etc.
  • Snacks– Energy is a vital requirement during treks and hikes, one should keep a good amount of snacks which should include instant energy-giving food items. You should keep a bit of extra snacks too as you never know about the uncertain conditions that may come up.
  • Trekking shoes– Your feet are your most important asset during trekking or hiking, so you need to wear proper trekking shoes that can provide comfort, support, and grip. You can travel in your normal shoes till the base camp, but once you start trekking, change into your trekking shoes.

These are some of the essential items that one should carry while trekking or hiking. Obviously, there may be other things that you should be carrying besides these.

Greenlands Rucksacks are designed and built to provide easy organization of these items.

I hope now you can plan your trekking trip accordingly.

Plan on your next adventure soon.



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